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Every family, every individual,
is different.

We do not operate off a template or speak with a script.


Relocation is a major business investment and cost to a company. It can also be an emotional and financial burden to a relocating employee and family. Great Lakes Relocation seeks to make the relocation process as cost-effective and stress-free as possible with tailored services designed to meet the special needs of the employee and client company. Every relocating individual and family are different. We do not operate off a template or speak with a script.

The following are key steps in the process and the services provided:

Area Orientation

  • Comprehensive geographic, lifestyle, cultural, entertainment, recreation, education and other information on the Detroit region
  • Personal airport greeting and transportation arrangements
  • Special briefings and tours to create a better understanding of the regional marketplace with an emphasis on places to live and things to do
  • Personalized relocation package on the communities under consideration including housing, schools (public & private), shopping, entertainment and other information
  • Research and answers to specific questions on living and working in the Detroit region including driver’s license, taxes, voting, healthcare, banking, mortgages and auto leases

Real Estate

  • A detailed analysis to determine the housing needs of the employee and family
  • Identification of the best neighborhoods and homes for purchase or lease
  • Screening and selection of real estate agents who specialize in your selected communities
  • Escorted viewing of properties for the selection of your new residence
  • Mortgage assistance including lender identification and negotiation
  • For rental properties, lease negotiation assistance
  • Ongoing relationship with you and the agent(s) to guarantee that your needs are delivered beyond expectations.


  • Household Goods Transportation – We obtain quotes from two to five national moving and storage companies. Quotes will include all costs related to packing, materials, shipping, storage, if needed, and unpacking
    • Home Inspection – Recommendation of home inspection firm(s) to investigate the quality of the home under consideration
  • Furniture/Appliance Rental – Two or more quotes from top-quality rental firms
    • Concierge - Making arrangements for utility and cable service installation. “At Home” coverage for utility, cable, general repair and other service providers visiting your home while you are on the job or out of town

Family & Spouse/Partner Assistance 

Relocation is complicated by the large number of employees whose spouses or partners have valued careers of their own and who must also consider the impact of the move on children. We ease the process by introducing family members to their new community and help a spouse or partner with employment assistance designed to reduce the time needed to secure the right position with the right company.

Identification of employment opportunities given the spouse’s employment desires. Services range from providing lists of and making contact with potential employers as well as matching the spouse with executive search, job placement and skills enhancement firms.

Cross-Cultural Training

Cross-cultural training is key to building successful international business relationships and helping families live in their new homes with comfort and confidence. Full-day and half-day workshops are design with business, family and individual concerns at the forefront.


Ongoing contact with the employee and family during the first six months after the relocation to ensure a smooth transition and assist with problem solving.

  • Concierge Service - We will handle all of the chores required when moving into a new home such as securing phone, gas, electric and other services. We will also provide information on securing a driver's license, registering to vote, etc.
  • Relocation Management - If you are an employer, we will help you manage each step of the relocation process. We will design a relocation policy which includes important tax and legal information. We can also provide customized cost-of-living analysis designed to measure the difference between origin and destination locations, as well as track expenses related to moving between both points.