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Executive Recruitment Support

Executive talent is scarce and difficult to secure. Typically, a candidate will be cautious about accepting a new position given career, family and other relocation issues. In addition, some candidates continue to harbor reservations about Detroit and the surrounding suburbs.

At Great Lakes Relocation, we have introduced our city and region to dozens of top executives from other states and countries. We have successfully relocated these executives, their families and, in some cases, their businesses to Metro Detroit. We provide cost-effective, targeted efforts to assist corporate recruiters attract top executive talent. Personal attention is provided to address concerns before, during and after the offer to assure a successful recruitment process.

In addition to our real estate services, we offer specially-tailored full and half-day briefings and tours designed to introduce the region to an executive considering an offer. We first gain an understanding of the needs of the potential employer and/or its recruitment firm. We then craft an impressive program which gives a balanced view of the Metro Detroit marketplace, its community and cultural resources, the area in which the employer is located and the neighborhoods surrounding it.

A brief description of our targeted recruitment efforts include:

Executive Orientation

Providing Powerful Information

Information is critical to an executive considering a change in job and location. We will help your candidate understand the lifestyle, cultural, entertainment, sports/recreation, education and other quality of life resources found in Metro Detroit.

Knowledge of the economic marketplace and its leadership is also important. What are Metro Detroit's economic strengths and weaknesses? Who are the business and political leaders who make a difference? What are the ingredients which make Metro Detroit an economic powerhouse and what are the prospects for the future? What are the business, social, golf and tennis clubs important for business success and where are they located? To answer these questions, we offer targeted materials, briefings and tours designed to strengthen the candidate's knowledge of the region and help the candidate make an informed decision.